fashion illustrated – preinstruction drawing

Every week, Fashion Illustrated features a drawing created especially for Final Fashion.

figure first

I got Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain out of the library.  I do a lot of drawing according to a formula I am comfortable with and want to test my perception skills and go outside my technique a bit.  The first step of the process is “preinstruction drawings” using my current techniques which are supposed to help me see my progress as I go through the excercises.  From observation, there is a drawing of a face, a drawing of a chair, a drawing of my hand, and what I posted here, a drawing of a figure from imagination.  Hopefully I will be able to show a demonstrable change as I work my way through the book over the next few weeks; perhaps I will post some more drawings here.

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8 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – preinstruction drawing”

  1. Love this basic – love seeing the guidelines and how her body lines up. I will have to get my Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain out of my storage and dust it off and take a look again.

  2. Ginevra – thanks! I like doing colour too, but its nice to leave a drawing “unfinished”, I can get a subtlety of line with a pencil that I can never achieve with ink.

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