fashion illustrated – wear a gown to work day

Every week, Fashion Illustrated features a drawing created especially for Final Fashion.

wear a gown to work day

This week’s illustration is inspired by Auntie Fashion’s May 29 2009 event, Wear A Gown to Work Day, as well as this iconic poster of soviet workers smiting the lazy.  I was wondering what to put under the hammer – an Ugg?

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10 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – wear a gown to work day”

  1. Thanks so much! It’s ICONIC!

    True story: Last night Marjie Withajay visited my house to watch Project Runway while she was in town. She took one look at me and said “Are you wearing Uggs?” Of course I said “No, I’m wearing house slippers. I do that when I put my feet up on the furniture.”

  2. Beautiful shade of red!

    I used to do that in high school: I made and wore a blue — always blue, don’t ask me why — gown for every literary period we read. By the time we were reading Jane Eyre, I took up the whole frickin’ hallway. Accessorized with big-ass boots under my gowns to stomp down unruly frosh, of course.

  3. Auntie – glad you approve!

    Rebecca – I knew you would have something to say about that – though I have no idea what it means.

    Nadia – I can just picture you doing this! I approve, I don’t think it could be possible to be any fashion-nerdier.

  4. eeee… sorry
    Communism makes me emotional and reading my post again, i can see why it doesn’t make any sense.

    What I meant was … communist posters usually make me want to do the exact opposite of what they are suggesting.

  5. Rebecca – what if its a parody poster? Are you saying you won’t be wearing a gown to work?

    Jesse – thats the point, your coworkers should be wearing gowns too.

  6. sigh…
    one of these days, I’ll develop a sense of humour.

    That was a bit of a kneejerk exclaimation mark in my head.

    And yes, I going to try to see if I can get away with it. I think I am going to slowly try to ease my work into the idea starting with tomorrow. I’m going to wear that Ports dress and see if raise any eyebrows.

    And Auntie Fashion never replied whether a cocktail dress is a gown. According to wiki, it can be

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