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Regent Releasing kindly sent me a copy of Eleven Minutes for review, it has just been released on DVD.  Do you all like the late review?  These posts never seem to generate much discussion.  But regardless, I am going to keep doing them because I love looking at stuff and writing about stuff.

Jay McCarroll

Eleven Minutes is my kind of movie.  I am a huge Jay fan, a devoted viewer of all things Project Runway, and adore watching anything that gets under the hood of the fashion industry.  This is Unzipped for us 21st century types, and a must-watch for anyone with designer dreams.  I know already, because I saw it in the theatre when it came to Toronto.

Why should this be required course material for every fashion student?  It is both an ode to ambition and a cautionary tale, a love/hate story about fashion that anyone who has held on to the ride for more than one season can identify with.  The main arc of the story is about the tension between Jay’s heart and his mind.  He wants to design intuitively but he allows his logical mind to restrict him.  There are consequences to his self-editing when it comes time to make sales – but not in the way Jay expects.

The supporting cast is terrific; from the interns/assistants, to the models, to the accessory designers, the documentary does a good job of showing that any emerging designer is supported by a very loose team of independents, herded like cats towards an inflexible deadline.  Best – Kelly Cutrone shows a more genuine side.  She is a compelling personality to watch, and on The Hills or The City, you only get a veiled glimpse.  Here there is less control over the editing and you get a sense of how she really works.

Behind the glamour of appearances is the logistical challenge of selling a physical product.  Jay McCarroll does us a great service sharing the reality behind the “reality” – I hope that more designers will be inspired to be this candid.

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One thought on “the late review – Eleven Minutes”

  1. Oo! I’ve been wanting to see this. I love to hear tales like this — the truth behind the glamour. Our generation gets pitched so many sexy careers: fashion, video game design, creative writing, etc. I’m always interested to see the underbelly of the beast, so to speak.

    Plus, I just love Jay. But who doesn’t?

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