a week’s worth – 14-03-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

This week’s worth is one day late – as the year goes on I’m exceeding my goal of posting at least five times a week – so I can cut a little slack here and there if a post gets delayed.  Justified, am I right?

Last weekend I went up north again with Ray.  As usual, Ray worked on his property while I snoozed by the fire reading Lynn Rosetto-Kasper’s The Splendid Table, Isaac Mizrahi’s How to Have Style, back issues of The Ryerson Review of Journalism and the comics pages in the newspaper.  The weather was gorgeous and with spring coming possibility seems to scent the air.

On Monday, I had a coffee meeting with illustrator and professor Kathryn Adams.  She gave me lots of great advice – some of which I will follow (make a 10 year plan, include terms in contracts, make a stock page on my website) and some of which I will fail to follow (don’t spend too much time blogging and emailing – yeah right).  She’s working on a consulting business to help other illustrators and their clients – looking forward to that – I highly recommend her services.

Tuesday and Wednesday were working days, but I took some time out on Wednesday to hit up Tim Hortons with The Grumpy Owl.  Topics ranged from “the kids are all right” to “no one knows how to fix the fix we’re in”.  I keep toying around with this idea of a podcast and I know Grumpy’s got to be on it.  He’s just that articulate and contrary.

That evening I had my old neighbor and friend Reverend Velvet Sheen for dinner.  I was broke that day so made the effort to improvise dinner with what I had around the studio – home made tomato sauce on pasta, salad with vinaigrette, and apple pan dowdy for dessert made a simple meal.  The Rev has a lot of projects on the go – he’s a music producer, a film maker, and a computer geek.  He showed me one of the projects he has on the go right now – an application for twitter that creates visualizations of social maps.  Talking with him I mentioned one of my own ideas for a twitter app – one that allows you to see what other people’s home feeds look like, and he whipped it up the next day. Its really slow on my computer, I’ve put off installing more RAM for way too long.  As soon as my ship comes in I’m walking down to the Apple store.

Thursday morning the new NOW Magazine came out and I was delighted to see Gail McInnes gave me a wee mention!

NOW 12-03-09

Thursday evening I finally took my camera out of the case and went to see Philip Sparks‘ Fall 2009 show at The Burroughes Building.

The Burroughs Building

I enjoyed my Hendrick’s Gin with cucumbers, got to see many folks I haven’t seen since last season, and enjoyed sketching the collection.

after Philip's show

Afterwards Anita and I got to interview Philip backstage, and later that evening I went to hang out with Philips’ assistant Cat and friends at John Lee‘s place.

Anita interviews Philip

Friday was another working day, though I took some time out to visit the ROM with my brother, his wife and my baby niece Evey.  She seemed to like the dinosaurs.
Sarah and Evey at the ROM

Just wrapping up some projects in the studio today, and looking forward to the Fashion Week free-for-all next week.  How was your week?

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One thought on “a week’s worth – 14-03-09”

  1. You are always so out and about! Quite the party girl. You make me want to make a party dress and see the world.

    Me? Full of sicksicksick. And a ginormous orange lace project involving macramé beads — my brain must be compromised.

    What do you mean my “home feeds”? Like what everyone else sees as the blend of their contacts?

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