invitation – Cold Comfort winter portraits

Though I won’t be able to make it, if you are in Toronto and like art, the outdoors, and lovely new friends, I encourage you to check out the opening of “Cold Comfort” at the The Montrose Portrait Gallery.  I have a submission there, and I am told it is the only self-portrait.

cold comfort

Cold Comfort: Winter Portraits at The Montrose Portrait Gallery

The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada presents a show of hot art in a cold space at our not-at-all winterized gallerage, opening Saturday, March 7 at 4 p.m.

Twenty-odd artists, including Rob Elliot, Noah Kalina, Danielle Meder, Jennifer Wigmore and Mendleson Joe, are featured in this frigid blast of warm visage. Chill alongside fellow patrons at our opening or book an appointment (no cold calling; we need time to get the space heater going!) by emailing Appointments accepted until April 30th.

The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada was established in jovial protest in 2007. Frustrated with the government’s continued inaction on the state of our National Portrait Gallery, The MPOG continues to offer a cheap and cheeky alternative.

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One thought on “invitation – Cold Comfort winter portraits”

  1. Congratulations on your submission being part of the exhibition! Kudos for it being the only self potrait too! wish i was in the area and could view it in person.
    happy weekend.

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