invitation – Drake Salon style panel

drake salonHello, Toronto fashion friends – I am participating in a panel tomorrow at 6pm with the girls of Worn Journal at The Drake Hotel.  It is free, hope you can come to talk style between and beyond the fashion weeks.


Tuesday March 3 6PM_FREE LOUNGE

Make the beautiful people chartreuse with envy, by strutting your unique look and joining in a cultured conversation on the inspiration of great style.

Join the editors of Worn Fashion Journal in conversation with style blogger Danielle Meder for an independent look at the evolution of personal style. An essential event in the lead up to Toronto Fashion Week.

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One thought on “invitation – Drake Salon style panel”

  1. i wasn’t supposed to be jetlagged on the way back, but totally am, and thus not making it to what i’m sure will be an exemplary love-in of geek and chic. have fun!

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