LG Fashion Week – my schedule

Here is my schedule for LG Fashion Week coming up.  A great big thank-you to all the designers who sent me invitations, I am looking forward to sketching your Fall 09 designs.  I may stick around for some other shows if there are empty seats available.  If you are at the tents in Nathan Philips Square and see me, come and say hi!

Tuesday March 17
4:00 pm – Travis Taddeo
5:00 pm – Zoran Dobric
6:00 pm – Joeffer Caoc

Wednesday March 18
6:30 pm – Comrags

Thursday March 19
4:00 pm – Aime Luxury
5:00 pm – Project Runway Canada
7:00 pm – NADA
10:00 pm – Women X Women

Friday March 20
7:00 pm – Evan Biddell

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