LG Fashion Week Photos

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I brought my camera with me to LG Fashion Week events.

Robin Kay speaks at Holt Renfrew

FDCC President Robin Kay speaks briefly at the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail.  Click the picture for full size to see what’s on her cue card and who is in the background.  Also, jewelry designer Maryam Keyhani wrote in to tell me that Ms. Kay is wearing her design.

Models wear Greta Constantine

Models wear Greta Constantine designs, including the seatbelt bolero (on the right) that Coco Rocha wore on Thursday.

Model with Philip Sparks

The “Wolf” poses with designer Philip Sparks.

Model with Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing with a model wearing his design.

Electric Violinist opens Costa Pavlou

An electric violinist tears up the runway before Costa Pavlou‘s debut collection at Ultra.

Costa Pavlou's Fall 09 Collection

The lineup of models wearing Costa Pavlou‘s designs.

The Fashion Environment

The Fashion Environment in the tent, dominated by a slightly askew red crystal chandelier.

Sketching at Zoran Dobric

I am not the only blogger who sketches the collections as they come down the runway.  I sat behind this attendee as she sketched Zoran Dobric‘s show.  (Via the magic of the internet, I have discovered she is Sarah B. Hood of Unknown Toronto.  I wish I had said hi.  Belatedly, hi!)

Adrian Mainella interviews Nathalie Atkinson

Adrian Mainella interviews Nathalie Atkinson outside the Media Filing Room.

Eric from L'Oreal does makeup for "Andy's girl"

Backstage, Eddie Maleterre, the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris in Canada, does the makeup for “Andy’s girl”, the muse of designer Andy The Anh.

Me (Robin) and Anita (Batman)

Me and Anita sitting in the third row.  Someone called Anita “my sidekick” this week which is funny, its more like the other way around.  I’m like Robin to her Batman.

Bojana Reljic walks for Comrags

Stunner Bojana Reljic walks for Comrags.  Click the photo for full size.

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6 thoughts on “LG Fashion Week Photos”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos! I love your illustrations and your blog. It’s always so incredible to see people sketching as designs come down the runway. When I attend a show, I can barely scribble notes down…:)

  2. Hey Danielle
    Just a name correction – the makeup artist doing “Andy’s Girl” is Eddie Maleterre – the Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris in Canada and Artistic Director of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris


  3. I loveeee the Greta Constantine jacket that Coco Rocha had on!! I can’t wait for the next fashion week I will be there from the beginning to the end, after parties and all!!!!

  4. Hey, kind of a thrill to see my little sketches on your site. I love the way you work your sketches up to full drawings. So far I have used mine mainly for reference for my writing, except for a little set of cards I did for friends last year. But you inspire me! Oh, and hi back!

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