the LG Fashion Week media guide redux

Like I wrote last week, “Watching the clothes come down the runway at LG Fashion Week is only half the fun.”  The other half is peering across the runway watching the reactions of the other attendees, and of course checking out all of the reviews, responses, and coverage that results.

Since I had no media accreditation, I was a bit surprised to find that the original post was tacked on the wall in the Media Filing Room.  I had more than one editor come up to me insisting that they go to more shows than I see them at.  Well how am I going to argue with that – we have a competitive spirit in this town and the real winners are the designers.  Here is a collection of the best of LG Fashion Week media.

Ok, so maybe all of the columnists really did get a memo from their bosses to join the twitter train.  Still, having everyone on twitter for fashion week made it a lot more fun – and a bit more competitive.  Best – @AndrewEs and @DerickChetty having a tweet-down for the Heart Truth show.

Sponsorship does a blog good, if BlogTO‘s coverage is any indication.  The city blog was fast with the photos and videos, plus party pics and show reviews.  Congratulations to the (big) team, great job!

Torontoist‘s dishy dailies delivered (while frustrating the fashion-illiterates) – Sarah Nicole Prickett’s style satisfies fashion mediaphiles like me.

The Subadult Years learned the lesson I learned the hard way two seasons ago – the people you write about do read your blog, and respond.  Especially when your opinions are very candid and your facts are off.  On the other hand, for those without sensitive egos, the peek into someone’s show notes without editing and softening is a very refreshing read.

The Yuppie Activist wants it both ways – you be the judge.

Calgary Fashion came to the tents for the last few days, her first ever “official” runway beat and she did a terrific job with a lot of enthusiasm.

Fashion in Motion used her all access pass well, bringing daily videos and reviews of the shows.

New discovery (for me) Carelessly Clothed took pictures and posted daily.

Toronto Street Fashion has lots of party pics, outfits, and Daniel’s daily diary.

Other blogs to add?  Tip me in the comments.

The National Post arts blog, The Ampersand, has the fastest reviews by Nathalie Atkinson.  She files them right after she sees them – if she’s too busy to chat in the tents, its because she’s working.  The reviews never disappoint, her impressions are fresh and to the point.

The Toronto Star‘s team had all the angles covered – David Livingstone, Derick Chetty, Diana Zlomisic, Bernadette Morra and Erin Kobayashi, and a team of photographers did profiles, opinion pieces, reviews, videos and photo galleries.  What they didn’t do this season was starred reviews – and as a reader I didn’t miss them.  The Star can be counted on to dig out the conflicts, real or not, which makes reading entertaining and a bit maddening.

The Globe and Mail came to some shows and delivered some reviews, six months early by their standards (or right on time if you follow fashion news).   The G&M a paper with a sophisticated readership, and the style section tries to function more like a magazine than a newspaper I suppose, but for my own purposes it isn’t a go-to paper.  Or website, for that matter, as they insist on charging for archived articles.

NOW Magazine has the cutest feature (a take 7?) on The Deadly Nightshades this week.  Online, Andrew Sardone delivered the fashion week special by blog, as pithy as I promised, and with photo galleries.

EYE WEEKLY brought both the up-to-the-minute coverage on twitter, plus a thoughtful article on Toronto’s forgotten fashion week past.  Well done Rea!

Fashion Television had their videos up fast.  Did you even notice that not every look makes it on the runway videos – I wonder why?  Better yet, check all the interviews with the big honchos.

Fashion File blogged LG Fashion Week – skimming over it I see a lot of photos, an interview and a few paragraphs, but not a lot of video for a TV site.  Do we have to wait until it is on “real” TV?

FASHION Magazine gets it – dailies, reviews, and videos all in one handy link.  Plus, they gave my project a bit of link love!

It took a little bit of looking to find it on the homepage, but FLARE blogged LG Fashion Week daily and a few more goodies can be found for the dedicated searcher.

ELLE Canada has videos on the main page and reviews of past seasons in Toronto but not this one yet.

Did I miss anything?  I love being fact-checked by the best editors in the city, uncap your red pens in the comments.

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  1. I’ve had interesting responses about that to say the least and I have mixed feelings about what to do about the post. Some people are calling for me to stop writing and others were absolutely offended that I changed the post at all.

    The most interesting comments I got were from people claiming to be patrons of Canadian fashion and their thoughts on my post and what my -and their- place should be in fashion week. Should I continue to talk with my blog or should I start only talking with my money?

    I continue to be surprised by the reach of my blog. Up until maybe my lunch with you, I had assume only my school friends browse it.

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