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Watching the clothes come down the runway at LG Fashion Week is only half the fun – the other half is watching everyone else watch the clothes, and seeing what they’re all saying.  With TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and twitterers all getting in on the action, I thought I would collect some of the coverage mediaphiles like me watch out for.

Please note this post is continuously revised through the week.

It just seems like a month ago that the fashion niche on twitter was dominated by the fashion bloggers and public relations.  Suddenly in the past few weeks it seems like all our favourite columnists got a memo and joined up – @shinangovani is a natural with a distinct tweet style, @NathAt is neither social nor a networker by nature but she’s giving it a chance, @dzlomislic is conversational, @derickchetty is literally live tweeting every look on the runway and @amyverner is already proselytizing.  Hopefully she can talk David Livingstone into signing up. (Amy tells me he has! and @FashionCanada tells me his handle is @livingdavid – though like me, Livingstone has no mobile.)

The ones to follow for live coverage are the ones with Blackberrys and iPhones.  Myself I have neither so my tweets will be limited to the mornings.  To get it all in one place, drop into the #LGFW channel on twitter search.

Blogs are either stepping it up or easing it up, depending on whether they decided to drop ca$h for an “online media pass” or not.  Guess what – I belong the the latter category.  I am not a journalist or a media company and I am not going to try to be one.  What I do best is doodling and being a very minor part of the scene – and that is exactly what I am going to do.

BlogTO got a sponsor for fashion week and is looking to step up their coverage.  They’re rounding up coverage from around the internet, sending photographers to the shows and encouraging their bloggers to try and dig up some insider dirt.

Torontoist‘s daily roundups are being written by Sarah Nicole Prickett – so needless to say, they are a must read.

I want – I got is featuring photos and some interviews from all the shows Anita is going to.  Anita has a day job so these will mostly be evening shows.  She is friends with a lot of designers and the good people at Holt Renfrew so expect a little insider insight (emphatically not dirt).  Plus she’s a twittering fiend – @geekigirl.

The Yuppie Activist is a first-time attendee at LGFW – she has a background as an organizer at Ottawa Fashion Week and a very opinionated writing style so I am looking forward to her perspective.

Focusing their cameras on the attendees of fashion week are Toronto Street Fashion and Textstyles.  Frankly, I don’t dress well for fashion week, leaving me feeling like “a noticeable exception” (read: disappointment), but these snappers catch the better dressed and leave me alone.  Fine with me.

The Subadult Years is attending as both an outsider and a patron of Canadian fashion, and she is not one to sugar-coat either.

The Style Box is a regular attendee of fashion week in Toronto from the very beginning, and she has something to say about how it is done.  Don’t call her a fashion blogger!  She also edits the always comprehensive TFI News, and if you follow her on twitter you may get a drop of sweet wisdom here and there.

Kim of Calgary Fashion is flying in to check the last two days of shows and I am thrilled to finally meet her!

Fashion in Motion blogs as a fashion week volunteer.

Reading the F-List is exactly like a sparkling tent conversation – observational, light, funny, and brief.

Fashionistas has photos, fast, and a news feed, plus a members-only area.

Have more to add?  Tip me in the comments.

The newspapers for the most part give us daily coverage with a critical eye.  More than other media, they make the effort to find conflicts in stories and try to be objective with reviews.

The Toronto Star has a lot of people on the job giving a range of articles and reviews.  The must read is David Livingstone’s reviews – he is hard to impress and rarely gives a designer more than three stars.

The National Post‘s lean team brings it every season.  Nathalie Atkinson takes her front row seat at every show and then reviews it in the media lounge without missing a beat.  Subscribe to the Ampersand blog to receive remarkably prompt updates on what just walked down the runway.

The Globe and Mail is a bit more low-key.  Besides previews and profiles, they have not attempted to review every show and make a point of waiting six months to show the fashions in editorial.  I will be watching to see if the Globe will be in the tents a bit more – and I’m pleased to report the Globe is in attendance this season.  We love having Amy Verner & Co. around!  Do they review now too?

Now Magazine‘s Andrew Sardone specializes in very pithy reviews and the section features profiles of style survivors and other fashion scene fixtures.

EYE Weekly has no coverage as of yet but always sends a couple writers to the tents.  I just found out that Rea McNamara is tweeting fashion week @eyeweekly.

Fashion Television is the major media sponsor and always has a set right inside the tents.  One of the great things about fashion week in Toronto is being able to watch Jeanne Beker or Glen Baxter interview the designers on set minutes after their shows are over.  They work hard!  Beker is Toronto’s own equivalent to Anna Wintour – but much more expressive.  Watching her reaction during a fashion show is one of the great joys of being seated on the north side of the tent – if Beker loves it she smiles wide.  Considering she’s seen every kind of show all over the world, taking her attention away from her Blackberry is no easy feat.

Fashion File, RIP.  This will be the show’s final season.  Adrian Mainella is a charming man.  His enthusiasm is genuine and he works it in the tents, not only doing interviews but also hosting the Ruffian “Inside Out” launch on Thursday.  I hope for Mainella, the best is yet to come.

The three major Canadian magazines all have a presence in the tents.  Mostly they are watching out for items to style with over the next six months.

FASHION Magazine is the powerhouse presence as far as magazines go in the tents – they have a large crew of interns, writers, and editors snapping show-goer styles, reviewing the runway, and blogging.  Of all the magazines, their website is the most open and interactive.  I always wondered where Ceri Marsh was – it seemed last season like I didn’t see her very much – but maybe I was always seated behind her on the same side of the runway?  Anyway, she corrected me in person today which I appreciate as I have no fact-checkers.  She is always at the shows.

Flare‘s editor-in-chief Lisa Tant usually shows up to many of the shows.  Flare tries to have fun with fashion week, interviewing attendees and offering insight on who-wears-what.

ELLE Canada‘s Rita Silvan is another rare sight, though she is guaranteed to be seen at the Project Runway Canada show.  I can’t find anything about FW09 fashion week in Toronto on their site yet, but its just the first day.  I’ve seen her at Joeffer Caoc and Comrags, looking lovely.

So there’s my media roundup, but it is in no way complete.  What are your go-to sites for LG Fashion Week coverage?  What other magazines are there?  Are you blogging the shows?  Who do you follow on twitter?  Link it up in the comments.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the mention! I’m also producing videos every day of what’s happening inside the LG tent, the cocktail parties, and the runway shows. Hope to see you at the event this week!
    – Johanne at Fashion in Motion

  2. If you love fashion week coverage check out L’Oreal’s Toronto fashion week coverage at Fashion Weekly’s website! xo

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