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After seeing the Toronto regional finals for the LG Denim DIY contest, I went to the website to check out the entries from all over the nation.

I wanted to single out my favourite entry by Kosuke Ito from Lethbridge Alberta.  I like how the detail is a clever spin on the idea of wearing your jeans low-slung over the hips, and how the designer carried the idea from the front to the back.  From the photo at least, it looks like it is a nice wash, is clean-finished and well sewn.  The designer held back from adding a lot of extras and perhaps could have edited even more – I think the design would have been just as successful without the second button on the waistband.

denim design by Kosuke Ito

Considering that this contest was not open to everyone there was a lot of range in terms of the quality of the entries.  The ones that were successful took a single clever idea and executed it well.  The ones that can’t compete (in my opinion) are the ones that pack on too many ideas, the ones that are too exaggerated to hang in SEARS, and the ones that are just poorly executed.  If the sewing is uneven, if it has too many buttons to count, if it has any kind of lacing, the effect is “fashion student” and not “fashion designer”.

In any case, it is an entertaining gallery to look at, so please go ahead and vote for your favourites!  If you like, come back here and let me know what caught your eye.

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3 thoughts on “vote – LG Denim DIY”

  1. Hey, question how did you get the photo of your jeans onto here? I tried copying to show my jeans but couldn’t :S

    p.s Your jeans are very nice!

  2. Hi Christins,

    Thanks, they’re not my jeans, but I like them too. It was a bit tricky because the site is flash. I used a screen grab (control+shift+4) on a Mac, you could also use “print screen” if your keyboard has that I think.

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