a week’s worth – 10-04-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

I took a few pictures myself at La Perlerie on Sunday.  There were a couple shots of people concentrating on creating things.  Here is Karen Lamont of Citrus Silver stamping a silver pendant.
Karen stamping silver

Here is stylist Jen Tse selecting beads to create a necklace.
Jen picking beads

After Mass Exodus on Tuesday, Nathalie and I ran into these three pretty sisters in the lobby.  I knew that I recognized them from somewhere and shortly, the name came to me – Beckerman!  This team of Canadian designers had moved to NYC and made a big splash, including a memorable video with Agyness Deyn.  Now they tell us that they have moved back to Toronto.  I’m excited to see them out and about, they are very exuberant girls.

Someone told me there was a reception happening in the Engineering building after the show, so I walked on over to eat the usual Ryerson reception fare – perfunctory little sandwiches – and hang out with some of my old profs and alumni friends, and meet some of the students.
Ellen and Flora
Two highlights – one was seeing my favourite grading professor, Ellen Bates (left), and my old co-worker Flora who is graduating this year.  Nice to catch up with Flora after almost two years since we were shop assistants together – she told me about her exchange to the UK where she got to intern for Giles Deacon, lucky girl!

The other highlight was meeting the designers of Dagg and Stacey, who recognized me from my grad collection industry presentation way back in 2006.  Its one of the most stressful days for a fashion student, where you present your grad collection to a panel of industry representatives.  I remember feeling very confident and knowing exactly what I wanted to say – and I guess my enthusiasm made a lasting impression!  Very gratifying to be remembered so positively by such talented designers.

Laura and Amy at the SAC meeting
On Wednesday I went to the Textile Museum of Canada for a meeting of the Style Advisory Council.  It is an initiative spearheaded by Laura deCaraful and Amy Burstyn-Fritz to connect the fashion community to the Textile Museum.  The first big project is a costume party with a theme that ties into the exhibits at the museum – Androgyny.  The committee has a lot of amazing people on it and I am looking forward to working with them.

So there are some highlights from my week – how was yours?

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7 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 10-04-09”

  1. I love the Textile Museum! I went there last week and met a lady there that gave me the awesomest tutorial on fabrics.

    Is there a more active way to participate and support the party other than just buying the fundraising tickets?

  2. Rebecca – Part of the SAC’s mandate is to create a club for patrons of the museum similar to the ROM’s. Get in touch with Amy (I’ll send you her email address) for more information about when that program comes out.

    Auntie – Watch this space – its coming in June and of course I will let you know more information as we get closer to the date. Do come – I get a sense that you identify pretty closely with the theme 😉

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