click click – 07-04-09

Welcome to Click Click, the regular roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Toronto-centric stuff…

As always, fashion blog karma goes out to everyone who contributed their links and comments this week.

  • Arts Alive uses my picture of a light table, with my permission.
  • The Puritan Impulse collects choice pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.
  • Talk of Toronto does a sweet little feature on my runway postcards project.  There are still some of my favourite postcards available for sale if you want to snap up some inexpensive original art.
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3 thoughts on “click click – 07-04-09”

  1. my mother was an artist, my sister is an artist, my younger sister is on her to becoming an artist, i went to art school, i was in visual arts for ages then i stopped and then i kept doodling and doodling and doodling and i still do! that’s my starving artist story. hehehe

  2. Thanks for linking me Danielle!
    I’ve got you on googlereader 😉 keep up the good work, and I’m such a fan of your illustrations.

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