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For today’s edition of The Globe and Mail I was hired to illustrate an article in the special section for Earth Day!  The article is about Fashion Takes Action, a membership based social enterprise created to support environmentally conscientious designers.  You can read the article online here, though the illustrations are only in the print edition, so I of course I scanned it for internet consumption.  I think it looks great.  Click the scans for higher resolution.

The Globe and Mail header 22-04-09

The Globe and Mail 22-04-09

The illustration is a bit of a riff on the old fash-mag feature “the look for less”.  I styled two similar outfits using real items of clothing.  I’ll let you guess who the “eco-bad” items are by, but the good items are all available to buy online in Canada.  If that’s not enough to get you clicking, almost all of them are on sale.

6. Recycled Material – the Caninja.  This is a cozy scarf-hood combination created out of recycled sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled pop bottles.

7. Hemp – this is a shirt by Eco-Couture, available at Rawganique.

8. Bamboo – this is a bamboo/organic cotton blend extra-long tank by Nixxi.

9. Organic Cotton – the classic skinny jean by Good Society available at Not Just Pretty.

10. Vegan or Eco-Shoes – this sexy pump is by vegan designer Stella McCartney, available at Yoox.

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  1. Nice work! I love it! I did think that it looked like your work when I picked up the paper this morning… You must be so happy- looks awesome!
    – Johanne

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