fashion illustrated – bonus NADA runway postcards

LG Fashion Week in Toronto is all wrapped up now. This season, I did watercolour pencil sketches on 4×6 postcards at all the shows I was invited to.

The original artwork is for sale for just $50 CDN – if you’d like to receive a runway postcard, email me for details

NADA Fall 2009
NADA Fall 2009

NADA was one of my favourite shows at LG Fashion Week – and when I really like a show, I do a lot of drawings and they usually turn out very well.  Today I found two more good rough sketches from NADA and finished them.

I am kind of surprised no one wanted to buy a NADA postcard so far because I think they were the most successful of all the postcards I did, both on their own and especially as a group.  In the spirit of keeping these cards together, if someone wants to buy all 5 I’ll sell them for $200 – that offer goes void if someone buys a single postcard.

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