fashion illustrated – wool corset

Every week (in theory), Fashion Illustrated features a drawing created especially for Final Fashion.
wool corset

I got a surprise at the Starkers! show at [FAT].  A model in a mask and a straightjacket-looking corset weaved down the catwalk, pulling keys off of her outfit and handing them to the audience at random, and she gave one to me.

Photo by James Fisher,

When I got home I discovered that the key was attached to a USB with a voucher for a free custom corset! Amazing!  The options are either vinyl or bring-your-own-fabric so I looked into my stash and cut some swatches to help me picture a corset made of some lovely brushed wool that I have.

I will be posting a series on the process of getting a custom corset from Starkers!, so stay tuned for that in the upcoming weeks.

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4 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – wool corset”

  1. I have to agree with Becca — that is indeed amazing! I can’t wait to see it all made up.

    I knit a thick, dense, wool/mohair vest this winter in charcoal gray and I love the warm hug of it. There’s nothing like a wool hug. 😉

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