[FAT] photos – day four

Michelle Reagan did a terrific job getting everyone seated and introducing media to the designers between shows.  PR can be a very stressful, demanding job.  Michelle manages to do it all while still staying positive, kind and friendly.  She is off to New York for a terrific opportunity with Catherine Malandrino.  Plus she still has one year of school left!  So if you have an agency or PR department, I would recommend you start recruiting her now.
publicist extraordinaire Michelle Reagan

Ainsley Kerr and Kristin Booth get naughty in their Starkers corsets.
Ainsley and Kristin acting naughty in Starkers

Models backstage all ready to walk for LOVAS by designer Wesley Badanjak.
Wesley Badanjak's girls in LOVAS

Jennifer Allison, designer of Walking Tall, dresses her model backstage.
Jennifer Allison prepares her model

This is ELECTRA, a show by Genevieve Favre Petroff.  She sang some songs including my favourite, about cranberry juice, but I thought that it would turn into a cool light show with a lot of red lights representing the cranberries, then it did not.  At first we were captivated, but ELECTRA kind of lost the audience after the cranberry song when she sang some more serious numbers.  I think in a small, silent room the show would be a lot more effective.
ELECTRA by Genevieve Favre Petroff

Backstage, a model gets her makeup done for Matthew Donnelly’s show.
doing the makeup for Matthew Donnelly

The night finished off with haute absurdity by CHRISTABEL.

I really enjoyed this year’s [FAT] – I felt the level of showmanship has never been higher, the collections reached a higher standard without sacrificing the variety and surprises that makes [FAT] so delightful.  The organization was tight this year and held the event together while keeping the informality and party atmosphere intact.  Thank you to Vanja Vasic and her incredible team for showing how exciting and fun fashion in Toronto can be.

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