[FAT] photos – day three

[FAT] publicists Michelle Reagan and Alison Lawler-Dean had a surprise for us – we got seated in the front row with our crew.  Aw.  The front row seating was a little tighter on Day 3 because there were lots of celebrities in attendence – the girls at The Style Box were working hard.  Plus, Caitlin Cronenberg was there on assignment for Fashion Television.  What was she saying into her microphone during the shows?  Inquiring minds want to know.
front row at FAT

Here Alison is texting hard for her clients – or maybe setting up a hot date?
publicist Alison sets up a hot date

You notice that each day at [FAT] the lighting changes?  The first day was pink, the second day was green, and the third day was an angry red.

Models amble and pose down the runway for Magpie.

models at Magpie
models in Magpie

Didn’t get to my seat in time for Tassoni Brasil but scored a place right by the backstage steps.  Caught this little diptych showing the front row and the back stage, both intently concentrating on the models.
back stage at FAT

Managed to get a few shots of Tassoni Brasil from the other end of the runway for a change.

Tassoni Brasil at FAT
Tassoni Brasil show at FAT

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