invitation – The Clothing Show tips and draw

Two weeks ago I announced I had three pairs of tickets to give away to The Clothing Show.  I asked readers to give first-time TCS-goer Isabel some shopping tips for a chance to win.  First I’d like to share some of my favourite tips – scroll down to the bottom of the post to see who won.

Adrienne‘s tips –

  • Barter! you’d be surprised the deals you could get, especially in the last few hours. You should treat the clothing show like a fun competitive sport. Most vendors are there to clear things out. I’ve always been surprised by the lack of bartering.
  • Don’t be shy of going into booths and talking to the vendors! The Clothing Show is a friendly place, and the designers love to meet their customers in person, and get feedback on their work!

Diana’s tips –

  • Bring a digital camera, so that you can snap a photo of yourself in an outfit and instantly see how it looks, because most of the time there are no mirrors.
  • Every once and a while, you will find some crazy unique piece that has no place in your everyday wardrobe. If it fits and it’s a good price, just buy it. I have some very unique 50’s prom dresses and 60’s Audrey Hepburn cocktail frocks that look fab at weddings…or thematic costume parties!

Fiona’s tips –

  • Get there early on the first day. Most of the unique items or best deals are gone quickly. (ex. I bought a pair of real R&R jeans for $20 in the first 10min there – it was their last pair!)
  • Bring cash and have a budget.
  • If you like it, buy it, it’s likely not going to be there when you come back.

Andie’s tips –

  • Layer – wear leggings and a tank as a base – faster and easier to try things on

Eliana’s tips –

  • go on the clothing show website and visit the websites of the different designer and make a list of the ones you really like.
  • bring a lot of empty cloth bags to help the environment

Clothing Show May 2009

Thanks everyone for all the great tips – you can read more here.  I randomly drew three comments, and the winners are Andie, Antoine and Fiona.  They each win a pair of tickets that they can pick up at the event.

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