invitation – the clothing show ticket giveaway

The Clothing Show, Toronto’s biggest sample sale/vintage bazaar shopping event is coming up in less than a month – and I have three pairs of tickets to give away.

Here’s how to play – Isabel at Hipster Musings has never been to The Clothing Show before, and she asked me if I had any tips for visiting the show.  Since I am not a shopper, I really have no idea of how to make the most of The Clothing Show.  So give me your best TCS shopping tip in the comments (remember to leave me a valid email address!).  In two weeks I will randomly draw 3 tipsters to win a pair of tickets each, as well as posting some of the best tips.

Clothing Show May 2009

The Clothing Show – Spring Show, May 1-3, 2009

Spring Shopping at its best!  Meet and shop from new talented clothing and accessories designers and artisans.  Find the best discounts on big name labels in the Sample Sales Section and get unique treasures from the vintage and retro vendors.  Also featured are the new Men’s and Eco sections.

Back by popular demand – there will be runway shows and art gallery featuring local artists.
And, as always, every visitor gets a goody bag full of freebies!

Visit for discount tickets and show information.

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10 thoughts on “invitation – the clothing show ticket giveaway”

  1. Tips to the clothing show
    1. go on the clothing show website and visit the websites of the different designer and make a list of the ones you really like.
    2. Once at the clothing show look at all the vendors before you buy anything
    3. bring a lot of empty cloth bags to help the environment
    4. wear close fitting comfortable clothing in case you need to try something on over your clothes.
    5. Go with a friend that you trust because sometimes there are no mirrors, and your friend can be your mirror

  2. 1. Go on the first day because some of the best stuff gets purchased right away.
    2. Go back at the end of the last day to get the dscounted and sale items.

  3. Bring:
    change of clothes in case you get to excited and sweat.

    leave at home:
    credit cards (you know girls when they try some thing on and it fits just perfect, man it is really hard to just let go when all the money is gone)

  4. I’ve had a booth at the Clothing Show the past seven shows. Sadly I won’t be there in a few weeks, but I have a few tips from a vendors point of view-
    Barter! you’d be surprised the deals you could get, especially in the last few hours. You should treat the clothing show like a fun competitive sport. Most vendors are there to clear things out. I’ve always been surprised by the lack of bartering.
    Don’t be shy of going into booths and talking to the vendors! The Clothing Show is a friendly place, and the designers love to meet their customers in person, and get feedback on their work!

  5. 1. Layer – wear leggings and a tank as a base – faster and easier to try things on
    2. Get there early!

  6. I love the clothing show. I’ve been going to the clothing show for the past 6 years. Here are my best tips:
    1.Get there early on the first day. Most of the unique items or best deals are gone quickly. (ex. I bought a pair of real R&R jeans for $20 in the first 10min there – it was their last pair!)
    2.Wear comfy shoes and a tank you can try things over.
    3.Bring cash and have a budget.
    4.If you like it, buy it, it’s likely not going to be there when you come back.
    5.If you buy multiple items from a vendor, sometimes you can bargain with them.

  7. Getting to the show early is key. Make sure you bring cash and a ‘hands free’ purse as well!
    Also, I believe genuine interest and enthusiasm are two of the best qualities to bring to the Clothing Show. Most(if not all)of the designers are at the booths to tell you about their creations. Speaking with them will give you insight on their collections and they will be able suggest items you may be interested in. There have been times that I’ve been shown an unseen shirt or dress pulled from a box under a table just from having a friendly chat. Over the years, many of them recognize me because I took the time to get to know them (and their clothes)!

  8. 1. Wear tights and a loose skirt so pants can be easily tried on. If you are not prepared, you will be leaving some personal item in a booth as collateral so that you can go try something on in the public washroom halfway across the auditorium, without a full mirror. Not Good.

    2. Bring a digital camera, so that you can snap a photo of yourself in an outfit and instantly see how it looks, because most of the time there are no mirrors.

    3. Every once and a while, you will find some crazy unique piece that has no place in your everyday wardrobe. If it fits and it’s a good price, just buy it. I have some very unique 50’s prom dresses and 60’s Audrey Hepburn cocktail frocks that look fab at weddings…or thematic costume parties!

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