Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 10 Redux

Project Runway Canada 2

I am posting my thoughts on each episode of my favourite show, Project Runway Canada, in case you are watching too and want to discuss it.

More after the gap —

This is the final challenge before the last three finalists make collections to show at fashion week.  This challenge was to do tailored power suits – a tough challenge for anyone to accomplish quickly – it will require the designers to make sleeves.  The twist was they had to create lingerie to go underneath as well.

Genevieve had a very adventurous drawing and created a very dowdy suit.  She cut the fabric off-grain (or she used a cheap skewed fabric) and it made the whole thing twist.  By putting a very asymmetrical draped slip (in her usual haphazard style) underneath, the whole thing looked lumpy.

Sunny didn’t seem to have a plan and even said he made a jacket he didn’t use.  His design ended up being very realistic, and as always devastatingly right on.  The lingerie was simple but fit great and looked amazing on Tori.  Sunny has a great sense of taste – he knows when to use a light touch.

Jason is the exact opposite – his “ace in the hole” was a pink polka dot cotton dress and a jacket with no shoulders.  In the hands of a less… flashy… designer it might have been less cartoonish.  He eventually listened to Brian and managed to tone it down, making a slightly kooky shorts suit.  The lingerie was forgettable.

Jessica struggled a bit with the construction both on her suit and her lingerie.  Her look ended up being similar in shape to Sunny’s but without the same light touch – the suit had a bit too much going on in the front and the back and the shoulders, the lingerie not quite enough, and the execution wasn’t her strongest yet.

Sunny won, with lots of Iman love.  Before I saw the show, I had thought that Jason would be eliminated, but I was wrong.  The last two designers on the runway were Jessica and Genevieve.  Never mind that Jason’s overall body of work wasn’t as strong as either of those girls – in this challenge his execution was better and his idea was at least slightly unconventional.  So he was in.  In the end, so was Jessica, which was a great relief.  I am so thrilled for her!

I can’t wait for the finale next week!!

Did you watch the show?  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 10 Redux”

  1. Who won? been looking everywhere on-line. nothing. working late at my office and none of my friends remembered to let me know. oh well, will find out when I get home. I thought it would be Sunny, Jessica and Genevieve – as well. But Genevieve didn’t have the depth and skill level.

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