Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 11 Redux

Project Runway Canada 2

I am posting my thoughts on each episode of my favourite show, Project Runway Canada, in case you are watching too and want to discuss it.

More after the gap —

Turns out I was wrong – this isn’t the final episode.  They’re stretching the finale into two shows, and so for me… two posts.

This show was all over the place.  I went from loving it to hating it right back to loving it again.

The first part, where the designers finally get to go home and work on their collections, was awesome.  They’re all happy and there’s goodwill and friendly rivalry between the top three.

Back at home and all sporting a little bit of a fresh style – Sunny gets a haircut, Jess goes red, and Jason wears peculiar light blue contact lenses.

Jason’s family is big and enthusiastic.  His collection he is very certain about, and he bristles at Brian’s suggestions.  His designs contrast with the stuff he did for the challenges.  They are a bit more sophisticated.  Jason seems to have a lot of big talk but his execution struggles to live up to it.

Jessica’s family is taciturn and shy in front of the camera.  Jessica’s collection looks extremely hot mama, and Brian is extremely tough on her.  It kills me to see her cry, aw!  Honestly, her inspirations remind me a lot of Carlie Wong’s style – depression era glamour meets hip hop – though Jessica embraces colour with more confidence.  In the challenges she often runs through a weak idea before getting to a stronger idea, and I think she will do it again.

Sunny works together with his mother on his collection, though inwardly he longs for her approval.  His partner Kenny and his friends are very tight.  His story is a common one for fashion designers – a failed business attempt behind him – its a reality that contrasts with the Reality of PRC.  His collection is mostly non-existent – though he has a great concept and a few really nicely executed samples.

Once they are back in the studio, all of the collections on the hanger are making me curious.  Someone asked me if I’m a Sunny booster – I’m not exactly.  Nor am I unbiased because Jessica is my friend from school and I love her.  So lets put it this way, I’m a Jessica booster – and I’d put money on Sunny.

Then the twist comes.  They get to make a dress for… improbably but inevitably with the Global tie-in… Cheryl Hickey.  This is where I hate the show.  Its incredibly awkward.  The designers can’t even pretend to be excited.  Then, they get to pick helpers from the eliminated designers.  “Randomly”, Sunny gets Jeff, Jason gets Brandon, and Jessica gets Kim.  Its equal parts comic relief (Brandon “hey hey hey!”) and drama (Kim).

This challenge is lame.  But some good things come out of it.

Kim gets redemption – she says sorry to Jessica, and she seems to get it.  I wonder if being in Reality really can change people for the better?  Its very cathartic.

Even Jeff gets to redeem himself by doing a good job with hand finishing Sunny’s garment.

Brandon is the one who really brings the drama though.  Somehow Jason gets inspired by Brandon’s lookbook and bases his dress for Cheryl Hickey off of that.  Brandon tattles to Brian… what will happen next week?  Hey hey hey!

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6 thoughts on “Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 11 Redux”

  1. My mom and I were talking about the Brandon/Jason drama and she feels Brandon shouldn’t have agreed to let Jason use the three tiered design if it would bother him that much. On one hand, I feel Jason genuinely liked the idea and would have given Brandon credit, but a part of me wishes he didn’t use Brandon’s idea.

  2. I hope Jason changes his mind about the bottom of his garment. As for Kim, even if she said sorry to Jessica – what goes around come around!

  3. i give credit to Kim for redeeming herself ever so slightly. Maybe she saw footage, and realized how nasty she was being.

    Looking forward to next week, but not sure if I am rooting for Sunny or Jessica. I really enjoy this show, but more for the creative process than the drama.


  4. Dija – seems like a lot of fuss over a design that wasn’t particularly “original” in the first place. I think Brandon’s line “it shows what kind of designer he is” is regrettably, right on.

    Auntie – I hope your fashion math works out! Chances are, it will just be very, very tacky.

    Canadianmom & Patricia – its true, Kim & Jessica’s thing won’t ever be square, because Jessica won’t ever give her a taste of the pain. I’m sure Kim will feel it from somewhere else – girl gets a lot of hate email.

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