Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 12 Redux

Project Runway Canada 2

I am posting my thoughts on each episode of my favourite show, Project Runway Canada, in case you are watching too and want to discuss it.

More after the gap —

That’s it!  Sunny wins, not a shock.  Still, it was a great episode.

Runway time!

Sunny reveals that he’s learned to trust his instincts through the competition, I think that has been his greatest advantage over the other designers.  Being able to believe in your gut feelings is a confidence thing, and it seems that confidence is the key to being able to do anything well.  It also has to be something that comes from inside – we see that later on as Jason bluffs confidence on the runway.

Finally, we get to talk about the collections we saw at LG Fashion Week.  What you don’t see on the show is the decoy collection, which when I watched the show in person, totally threw me off when I guessed the final three.  If I had to pick a decoy collection, it would have been Jason’s – on the runway of all the collections, it looked the most thrown together.  Genevieve’s was true to her style, but it was better than what we saw on the show, strongly executed.

Sunny’s collection was incredibly beautiful in person, tremendously well made and instantly covetable.  The styling and the editorial pieces were just right.  Sunny’s difference is a sense of taste – the garments were forward but incredibly wearable.  When there was skin, there was just enough.  Where he took inspiration, it was interpreted and not literal.  Where there was embellishment, it still seemed light.  Sunny’s instincts are strong.

Jason’s collection was rough and not in the right way.  Lots of sequins – but where there were seams or zippers, the sewing was awkward.  His showpieces – a dress that appeared to have sequins dropping out of the rear – got a reaction when it turned around, for sure.  But how do you sit down in it?  When he opened it up with a shoutout to his mom, that was sweet.  But when he starts the show with a dress that looks eerily like the one Britney wore to her her mom’s birthday well on her way down the spiral.  Sure, its LA.  Sure, its about motherhood, I guess?  Is it glamourous?  Plus rookie mistakes, like one bondage skirt that slowed down the whole collection (the producers even slowed down the music for the show).  And what is up with all the fishtail hems?  Jason’s issue is taste, and when he defended himself on the runway, it felt like all the confident posturing was just so much bravado.

Jessica’s collection fell in between.  Her best pieces were amazing – great jackets, sassy jumpsuits, beautiful, flowing gowns, and a killer final outfit made of chains.  The weaker pieces suffered from too much skin or too many details.  She has the ability to render her ideas skillfully.  She definitely learns fast.  My take is that she needs more experience and more confidence to know when to hold back and when to give it, and then she will deliver a more consistent collection.  I hope to see more seasons out of her because my girl knows how to grow!

At the runway show I got to sit across from the judges which was fun.  Rita looked incredible that night, wow.  Brian sat beside Coco Rocha and patted her knee when Jason’s bondage skirts came down the runway – a little awkward but funny too.  Shawn seemed overly impressed every time a skimpy look came down the runway.

Side note – the further we get through this season it seems like Shawn seems to defend mediocre designs – he may be a natty dresser but perhaps more qualified to give legal advice than design judgements?  Iman seems to get impatient with him on the show – but I guess he brings the different point of view which the panel needs.

So Sunny won, and that was that.  The TV show is over, but now we get to see what they do next.  I wish all the designers success and will continue to follow what they do in future seasons.

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3 thoughts on “Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 12 Redux”

  1. When Henrietta Southam was on Fashion File Host Hunt, she essentially said what you just said about Shawn to his face at a party where the contestants were supposed to be schmoozing with the designers after a fashion show. Shawn reacted poorly to her journalistic approach, and she was resoundly criticized for her behavior by the show’s judges at the next panel. It was at that moment when she decided that they weren’t going to let her win, and she quit the competition.

    True story!

  2. I often disagree with Shawn’s judgements but I guess that’s the point? Personally of all the guest judges this season, I thought Marie St. Pierre was the best and could give Michael Kors a run for his money.

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