a week’s worth – 01-05-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

I started out this week at Vidal Sassoon, hair modelling in a master class.  I’ve been in to get my hair cut for classes before, but this was something entirely different.  They were presenting a themed hair collection based on the work of designer Anthony Price and artist Philip Castle.  It was a big deal.

There were even some illustrations in the brief of clothing designs inspired by Price’s work.

Anthony Price inspired dress

…and actual dresses and jewelry and makeup to go with the hairstyles.  It was interesting but a long day and stressful.
Anthony Price girls at Vidal

I got a cut and colour that was slightly more “salon-friendly”.  I really love the colour and 90% of the cut… that’s the way it is being a hair model.

Wednesday I went to a cocktail event at Browns shoe store celebrating Italian shoes and mingling with friends and FASHION lovelies.  They had a big wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano that I indulged in a lot… its been a while since I could afford to buy my favourite cheese.  What a treat!

After that Andrew took me down to Kensington Market to check out the Deadly Nightshades trunk sale.  You can currently order pieces from their Fall/Winter 09 line whether you’re a consumer or a retailer.  Their stuff is tricked out, super stylish, organic bicycle gear for cool girls.  Get in touch with them for more information.
Deadly Nightshades drunken trunk sale

Last night Anita took me as her +1 to the Innovators Ball at the Ontario Science Centre.  Thanks to LG for the tickets!  I’ve never been to a black-tie event before, I wore my dress from Fashion Crimes and a real flower in my hair from Andrew.
Me in the light tunnel

Ainsley was there looking amazing in Jessica Biffi’s “Crow” dress.
Ainsley in jessica Biffi

There was a cool mix of people there and the surprise of the night for me was meeting Matt from Nirvana the Band the Show!  I am a big fan of the show, its a great sendup of the music scene in Toronto and a classic buddy comedy too.  Here he is on the right, posing with Anita and a photographer I don’t think I met?  Anyway, its a funny picture.
a photographer, Anita, and Matt from Nirvana the Band!

Those were some highlights from my week, how was yours?

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