a week’s worth – 09-05-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

I did take my camera with me everywhere this week, but for whatever reason I did not use it very frequently. I missed out on The Clothing Show, spending the weekend with my family and my boyfriend instead.

On Monday I met Dianna DiNoble of Starkers! corsetry – we talked about [FAT] and different styles of corsets.  Sadly the corset I want – the brushed wool one, not the vinyl one – is out of my reach for now.  It was a pleasure to talk shop with this creator of serious corsets.

Tuesday I regret I missed out on some more events because I had to work – the Joe Fresh/Reth?nk event at the new burlesque bar Jezebel and the opening of Caitlin Cronenberg‘s exhibit for CONTACT at Rosemarie Umetsu’s studio.  I heard both of these events were terrific.


Wednesday I was invited by Alison Lawler-Dean to check out the work of fashion designer Marika Brose at Lausberg Contemporary Gallery.  The current show in the gallery, Good Timing/Bad Timing created a contrasting backdrop to Brose’ luxurious textures and structured shapes.

There was also an exhibit of wire sculptures by artist Sophie DeFrancesca.  She is known for her pieces of hollow dresses, and she also revealed a new sculpture of a ghostly unicorn.

I met designer Joseph Tassoni, here with a model wearing Marika Brose’ chainmail dress.
tassoni designer with brose model

On Thursday night I walked down to Ossington for the Canadian launch of Corduroy magazine.  I met the publisher Tim Chan, who is originally from the Toronto area and now lives in New York City.  His magazine is a tactile collection of images and interviews, aesthetically curated.
corduroy and jeans

Speaking of textures and textiles, I have been lovingly darning together this pair of jeans that I got in New York City in May 2006.  Every time a hole develops, I glue and fuse and stitch it together.  I love the way the layers of damage and repair look and feel.

Friday morning I met the illustrator for LG Fashion Week‘s “Show Love” campaign – more on that soon.  That evening, I went to celebrate Textstyle.ca‘s first anniversary at a garage party.
garage party

Stefania, the blogger behind Textstyles stood out in a bright orange jumpsuit.  Congratulations to her for one year of chronicling the looks on Toronto’s streets.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 09-05-09”

  1. That is definitely an amazing unicorn! &I’ve just stumbled across your blog & had to subscribe to it immediately – I’m looking forward to having a read through some previous posts!

  2. Jade – I’m honoured! Will check your site as well. Thanks!

    Textstyles – well I wouldn’t call these photographs fantastic… but you are & so is your orange suit. Bisous back at you!

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