showing love to Andrea Ferkul

It took me a while, but I finally learned who the illustrator of the “Show Love” campaign for LG Fashion Week is – Andrea Stajan-Ferkul.  I love the lightness and the movement of this illustration – simple and yet spontaneous, it is a classic fashion illustration.  It was displayed everywhere in the tents – including a very cool animated graphic projected on the background of the runway between shows.

I asked Andrea about how she did the illustration:

I was asked to create a loose drawing (with no detail) of a woman walking up a runway.  I began with a more detailed drawing to get the basic proportions; much of the work is done in this preliminary stage.  I cleaned up the drawing in the second draft – then in the third, I eliminated the detail, creating a simplified version by using loose and spontaneous strokes.

I had the great pleasure to meet Andrea in person and talked about her career – she worked at Simpsons in the 1980s doing graphic design.  It seems so incredibly distant a time – back then they did graphic design by hand, and now there is no such thing as Simpsons (it was a department store).  Are there even any in-house art departments left? It was fascinating to talk to her about the business and craft of fashion illustration – there are so few working fashion illustrators in Toronto, I love the rare opportunity to talk shop.

Now Andrea focuses more on fine art and exhibitions – you can see more of her lovely work on her portfolio website.

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