what I wear – three spring jackets

One of my all time favourite items of clothing has to be the black (or navy blue) jacket with pockets.  Over the winter I acquired three of these jackets and now that the weather has warmed I am thrilled to be able to wear them out.  Spring also means that sunlight now streaks into my north-facing studio, so yesterday it inspired me to do an impromptu auto-photo-shoot.

Butikofer Spring 2009
This is my Butikofer Spring 09 linen bomber jacket – this one I am particularly jazzed about because I drafted it myself.  It has a high armhole without being tight which lengthens the body, and a nice smooth sleeve head without ease for a casual look that is still trim.  The contrasting lining looks pretty nice when you roll up the sleeves – and there is still enough room in there to wear it with a cardigan on cooler days.  You can get this style at Charlie and UPC in Toronto, plus online.

Sugar Lips from Fashion Crimes
This is a jacket by Sugar Lips which Linda Gaylard helped me pick out at Fashion Crimes.  I love it when a stylist helps me shop because it sure does not come naturally to me, and this jacket is a great pick that I have worn a lot.  Besides Pam Chorley’s original dresses, Fashion Crimes also has a some cute stuff from other designers that is a little more accessible price-wise.  Of course, inexpensive items do not always have nice features like pockets – I had to add those myself at home.

boy's school blazer from 69 Vintage
This is a schoolboy blazer exactly like the one I admired on Kealan Sullivan of 69 Vintage at the sustainable fashion consumer show put on by Fashion Takes Action last fall.  Kealan remembered my comment and my size, and called me up when an identical jacket showed up – that is service.  It has real pockets and sharp little shoulders.

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3 thoughts on “what I wear – three spring jackets”

  1. love them all.
    i’ll admit i’m partial to the first and last (ooo, that last one!!!). i have 5 black blazers and i don’t think my collection has the same range that yours does.
    love your hair on you, by the way.

  2. They all look great, but the schoolboy one is perfect with your current hair. Love the shadows in these pictures too.

    I’m glad that we decided on just-below-elbow length sleeves for your cardigan so that you’ll be able to wear it with yoru spring jackets.

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