a week’s worth – 20-06-09

A Week’s Worth, documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

Tuesday night I attended SketchCom-ageddon, a comedy night of sketches by different troupes where we got to vote for the ones we liked.  The team I voted for – the Chesterfields – were one of the night’s winners and get to go on to compete in a higher bracket.  I liked their “Luger” sketch, maybe I found it even funnier because as a kid my neighbors had a luge hill, no kidding.
the Chesterfields

Thursday was a busy night with a lot of events going on, so I got to choose the best two.  I went to visit Magpie for a press event put on by the lovely ladies of The Style Box.  It was a pleasure to meet the designers and check out their space.  They do a lot of one-offs and custom pieces for women in the arts community.  The store is a gorgeous space – I love boutiques where the sewing area is a celebrated part of the store.
ladies of Magpie and The Style Box

At Magpie I met Ivana Santilli, one of Toronto’s sweetest recording artists!  She was so gorgeous and indulged me when I asked for a picture of us together.
Me and Ivana Santilli at Magpie

The store also has a tremendous little back yard, where I photographed one of the models wearing a Magpie design, on the left.
model in Magpie, Biddell on his throne
On the right Evan Biddell sits in the “throne” he designed at Casalife, a furniture store.  They had asked a number of artists, designers and personalities to design unique pieces of furniture, which they created gorgeous, finished prototypes of.  On Wednesday, they had a party to unveil the prototypes.

It was cool to meet the designers, check out their sketches and talk to them about their ideas.  I met Peter of Studio Lit and the table he designed.  Its hard to show in a picture, but it has a panel in it which you can change by turning a knob, that looks a lot like the rotating ads they have in bus shelters sometimes.  Peter is a graphic designer and created colourful layouts of some phrases about ideas which you could change up as your mood strikes you.
Peter and his design at Casalife

Friday Anita came over to visit my roommate’s new kitten, Dakota.  Awwww….
Anita and Dakota
Anita, Dakota and the CPJs

And also to show me that she was the first to buy my boots – as far as we know – and thus winning my undying affection for all time.  She looks awesome in them!  So exciting to see what I designed being worn.

How was your week?

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