Fritz Helder & The Phantoms – PLATINUM

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms are coming out with their album, Greatest Hits, on July 7.  Right now you can listen to their single “Lagerfeld Lady” straight up or remixed on their site.

The Helders are on the Gaga route to stardom for sure.  There is a lot to love about this band – the outfits, the art, the music – but what really wins me over is their strong sense of community.  Like Nelly Furtado (who just signed them to her label), the Helders love to wear Canadian.  They celebrate the creativity of all their talented fashion designer friends, and Fashion Cares, with their new project, PLATINUM.

Combining their loves of music, art and fashion, FH&TP have teamed up with Fashion Cares, ACT and 10 very talented designers to create SPECIAL EDITION/ ONE OF  A KIND Fritz Helder & The Phantoms concert merchandise that will be SOLD ONLINE in part  to celebrate the release of their upcoming album, “Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition” on newly formed label, NELSTAR Music.

Proceeds from the sales of the limited edition designs will go to Fashion Cares / ACT!

Amazing photos of all the designs here.  Love the high-fashion spin on merch.  Love how these rising stars are also raising the profile of Canadian fashion designers and supporting such a tremendous charity.

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2 thoughts on “Fritz Helder & The Phantoms – PLATINUM”

  1. As a Canadian, a fashionista and a disco queen, I want to like these guys so much more than I do. They need a better production team. Hopefully, Nelly is going to line them up with the right people.

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