invitation – 360Fashion Meetup in NYC

How I wish I could go to this.  If you are in New York City please go and report back to me –

360Fashion would like to meet up with you in New York on July 1st to talk for a discussion of fashion and online media on July 1st, 2009.

RSVP HERE or ON FACEBOOK any questions please EMAIL US


360Fashion is launching their iPhone application, a platform for the fashion industry to enter the iPhone space, and would like to meet fellow bloggers who may be interested in having their blogs visible in the iPhone or creating a unique iPhone magazine.


360Fashion has opened their China office and will be talking about the fashion industry opportunities there at this time. If you are interested in China and learning about the fashion industry there, we will be happy to tell about the market.


360Fashion members Lisa von Weise and Regina Harris (stylist for vogue, makeup artist for vogue) are available for question and answer sessions. Come talk to the professionals who are making the fashion trends and fashion shoots in top magazines.

We would love to get together with other fashion bloggers and talk about the upcoming trends, new designer brands, and have a dialog of high-fashion vs consumerism.


Meet the 360Fashion members who are designers: Angel Chang, Chesley Mclaren, Maryszka Osaki, and Lu 12.28 (top Chinese young designer) and learn about their unique high quality fashion brands.

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  1. pooh, i’ll be out of town, and it sounds interesting. i got the email as well, although i’m not really sure if i could still be considered a fashion blogger as much as a navel-gazer…

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