invitation – fly a kite with Yoshinori Niwa

Photographer and artist Siya Chen let me know about this free series of kite-making workshop events which are also part of a larger art project.  I’m planning on attending the July 9th event.  You can see all the details at the Gendai Gallery website.

Siya says –

Bring your refuse household material, such as plastic/paper shopping bags, yesterday’s newspaper, old ragged clothing, and Yoshinori will show you how to make a awesome kite with your personal touch Yoshinori has done this performance art project all around the world since 2006, so he knows how to make a awesome kite that fly !!
After we make lots kites, we will fly them together too!

The best part yet, all the kites made by you will be exhibited as part of the exhibition i am coordinating, The Arts of Togetherness, curated by Milena Placentile, featuring artists Yoshinori Niwa and Sandee Moore!

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