question – who has bought these DMs?


As announced, my contest-winning design for Dr. Martens is now available for purchase at NEON Clothing here in Toronto (and I understand Montreal as well).  So I’m just wondering, has anyone bought them?  I’d love to see pictures/give shout-outs to fellow boot-owners.  If you are one of the many who expressed the intention to buy them, I’d suggest you do it now, before your size sells out.  Supplies are limited.

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9 thoughts on “question – who has bought these DMs?”

  1. I would love to buy them if i had the funds, and the talent to pull off doc’s…which I do not.
    i went to the shop though yesterday and checked them out.
    i’m so proud of you.
    i also enjoy how your picture is on them and a write up about you!

  2. Not going to lie, I’m a bit disappointed that no one has bought the boots yet. So much for enthusiastic blog comments?

    I don’t get any money if the boots sell or not, but I’d still get a huge thrill if I actually saw someone wearing them.

  3. I WANT to buy your boots, but don’t know where they are online or in the San Diego vicinity. Believe me, I would take beautiful photos too. Point me in the right direction? I asked Doc website to email me when they were available but they never did.

  4. Sorry, Danielle–I haven’t been back to Toronto since they launched. I will check them out when I’m back next week!

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