a week’s worth – 31-07-09

A Week’s Worth, documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.  Pardon the two week hiatus there on AWW.  I was bad about carrying the camera around for a bit there.  But this week, the perfect combination of rain and high sun made for some terrific pictures.  Plus, stuff happened…

On Tuesday I woke up bright and early to walk to Holt Renfrew and see the Holiday 2009 preview.  Holt Renfrew holidays are much different than my holidays. There was a distinct seaside-on-the-south-Pacific sort of vibe, from bubbly sea creature looking purses –
bubble bag at Holt Renfrew
To fishy sandals.
fishbone sandal at Holt Renfrew

That evening I went to a panel hosted by IDS10, the big consumer interior design show that is happening from January 21 to 24 next year.  IDS is currently recruiting the best Canadian and international designers, mostly of furniture, interiors and objects.
IDS panel at The Gladstone
The discussion, hosted by Karen Von Hahn and featuring fiesty designer Patty Johnson, curator Rachel Gotlieb and Shaun Moore and Julie Nicholson from Made Gallery – was lively.  On the topics of Canadian based design, its advantages and struggles, was taken in by a bright and attentive crowd.
audience at IDS panel

Notes I took include:

Canadians want to be International not local. The paradox is that int’l markets are looking for a savvy sense of identity.

The design market is a fashion market.  It is about intellectual engagement – Patty

To young designers:  Don’t think so HARD, so EARNESTLY.

Trend among int’l design customers – opposition to “low” American Culture.

If Canada was an emerging market (and it is) here is a plan for developing a robust design industry: focused projects on reviving local industries before they disappear. Broader representation of first nations, mennonites, indigenous materials.  Designers need to be more inventive in conceiving their ideas according to the technical ability and resources available locally.

Never ignore your local market.  It is a mistake.

Thursday early evening I dropped by the Umbra store on John Street for an evening shopping event-thing.  There was a big lineup when I got there because apparently the first 20 people get a $20 gift card.  Aw, carrots.
lineup at Umbra
I went in and was glad I did – never been in Umbra before.  It has a lot of small objects in it, like bath fixtures, lamps, jewelry hangers, mostly in bright plastic colours, black white and chrome.  Things were inexpensive, some quite cool and several would be easily DIY’ed.
inside Umbra

On my way through Kensington market my spidey sense spotted another fashion blogger in the vicinity – Jacquieshambles.  She was hanging out with her friend Paul from fashion school at Humber.  As I have just as great affection for fashion students and fashion bloggers, we all hit it off like old friends.
Jacquie and Paul in Kensington
Jacquie and Paul were both showing off some excellent denim, proudly unwashed.  Adorable denim freaks.

After that I walked up to the new consignment boutique, Drool, at 198 Augusta Avenue.  I was invited by Olga, designer of Decadent Designs.  I took this meta-picture of Enza Supermodel taking Olga’s picture, plus the small child, the dog and the fashion illustration in the background, what a perfect moment.
Olga, a small child a dog and Enza
Then I took a picture of Olga in front of the big mural in front of the store.
Olga at Drool
Like the mural, Drool itself is a bit of a hodge-podge – pretty accessories (including Feathered), gothy stuff, printed t-shirts, some cute boho stuff, it sort of seems more like a bazaar than a boutique, which fits into Kensington just fine.

How was your week?

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