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Irene at 69 Vintage Buy the Pound posted this picture of an adorable girl in horned-rim glasses and a colourful vintage dress… wearing my Dr. Martens design, purchased from NEON!  Pretty cool to see my boots on someone who is not a friend… but I am too curious.  Who is this girl with such tremendous taste in footwear?

If you can introduce me to her, or if you’ve bought a pair of boots yourself, email me please – it makes my day to see these out and about.

UPDATE: Mystery solved!  Marie sends me this lovely note:

I came across your posting –  The cool little pixie is Kendra.  My favorite gal pal, my adorable niece, a whimsical angel in my old aunty soul.

My sister and I took her shopping for shoes for her grade 8 grad.  She is has the heart and soul of an artist and when she spied your boots in neon it was love at first sight.  The boots were bought to ground her during her grade 8 grad and also because Kendra had no interest in rocking her grad in heels.  The boots inspired her to support local designers and in the end her dress equally amazing was bought from Freedom Clothes near Dovercourt and Bloor.  All inspiration for the grad came from the boots up.

She is everything that mishevious grin in the picture shows – she is a delight, she is  unique, she is whimsical…

What a beautiful story!   I remember how transformative Dr. Martens were for me when I was younger.  I can’t express how happy it makes me that someone like Kendra fell in love with my boots “at first sight” — and that it inspired her to style her grad outfit with the work of other local designers. Thanks so much Kendra and Marie!

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6 thoughts on “boot love – mystery girl”

  1. What an adorable girl! Your design seems to be pretty popular – I remember noticing them on a number of ‘inspiration’ posts on some random blogs I was reading. Darn, I wish I had some links to send you!

  2. HA! She came into the store again today and she said she had checked out your blog… hopefully she’ll read this and email you!!! Promise to pass on a hello when I see her again for you….

  3. Lovely story! My docs were such a big deal to me around that age… made me feel like I could conquer the world when people were nasty and mean to my tiny little self. Go Kendra!

  4. Kendra is a cutie. I’m guessing her fashion sense and values has hit the sweet spot for type of person you’d want to see wearing your boots. She’ll probably be sporting them a lot and will be the envy of many of her friends when she enters high school in September. And you know she’ll never forget these boots. Awesome, Danielle.

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