click click – 28-07-09

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Toronto-centric stuff

Fashion blog karma for incoming linkers and commenters…

  • thesoulofmyshoes – “I love all things related to fashion and when I see a beautiful pair of shoes my heart rate goes up and my eyes light up, it is my passion and first love.”
  • Haiasi :: Custom Made Silk Scarves – “Haiasi is dedicated to crafting exquisite and unique pieces that can spruce up any outfit and is committed to donating 20% of the profits to charities based in Canada that help the community.”
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7 thoughts on “click click – 28-07-09”

  1. Ugh. Yes, I was all glowy from the Sartorialist love in. And then…puhleeze. I’m so disappointed – was he drunk AND sniffing glue?

  2. The Don’t Shop video could have benefited from some editing. Love all the bloggers on it, but the echo and the repetitive loop of audio made it sort of painful to sit through.

  3. hey ladies, the interview actually took place the afternoon prior to cocktail hour (aka holt’s party). and i know for sure cause i spoke w/scott right after amy! so take what you will from that.

  4. I find the interview really funny, but I’ve kind of always thought he came off as a bit of an ass. Even funnier that he wasn’t drunk!

  5. reeraw – guess I should have read the Sart interviews consecutively – it gives some context. I liked your interview ––a-date-with-the-sartorialist

    This morning I woke up with a thought about “getting real”. It seems like there has been a trend for a while for polishing ourselves online (for instance, the sartorialist editing his comments), and I think the logical development will be a counter-trend to “get real” – so, yes we have sex, yes we get drunk, yes we feel insecure, yes we make mistakes. Perhaps the over-candid interview is an incredibly refreshing thing.

  6. thanks danielle!

    i agree that the notion of ‘getting real’ is really interesting, especially if you are a creative (writer/photographer/designer/etc.) working primarily from an online context: you post content on a daily basis, you interact more with your audience. if you’ve honed a strong voice and get two hundred comments per posting, you’ve not only developed a strong and invested community but also a v. intimate relationship with those individuals. if you’ve read scott or danielle or anita right from the start, the nature of online really perpetuates a realness that colours how you engage with the work.

    which is why i’m kinda wondering if it’s actually gone the other way — that scott has turned left from the cunningham roots and is really developing a street style ‘artifice’. blogs are becoming increasingly monetized (which is great!), but no one is for sure about how that will change the content; you’ve already seen how print has engaged the online as a means to drop behind-the-scenes free content that helps to promote the paid content. it’s become all about strategy.

    if anything, i feel like the gregariousness that everyone encountered in toronto (from public appearance to media interviews to drunken cocktail party fodder) is perhaps an encounter with a creative person’s strong sense of self, a definite confidence in their work (hey, maybe you can even call it ego). it’s the bravado of someone who shoots campaigns and editorials, right? perhaps it’s so surprising to ppl that the bravado still comes from someone rooted in the online — a guy no longer just the post-9/11 dad shooting new york street style, but now a big-time photog traveling to diff cities that still shoots new york street style.

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