fashion illustrated – project blogway revived

nadia roughNadia of Nadia’s Crafting Adventures and I occasionally conspire to make trades – originally we made each other mixed CDs.  Later on we planned on making each other coats – Project Blogway – which was a bit too ambitious given our complicated lives and never ended up going anywhere.

Now we have decided to revive Project Blogway – she has some black yarn purchased especially for me and is making a cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves, and I am creating a watercolour portrait especially for her.  You can see her progress – sleeves!

For my part, I have developed the pencil drawing for her illustration, based on this favourite outfit of hers.  Apparently the illustration is almost perfect but the figure is not pear-shaped enough.  =)

I will post the final painting soon, even more pear-ish, and this time Project Blogway will be properly concluded with an exchange of cross-continental packages.

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2 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – project blogway revived”

  1. What can I say? I’ve got thunder thighs and curvy calves!

    I think that shot — like most of my blog shots — belies this fact since it was taken by someone who is 6’4″, but if/when we meet in the “real world” I hear so much about, I will show you my true peareyness in all its glory.

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