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Who still goes to the library?  I do – and I pay $50 a year for the privilege of accessing the stacks of my university library.  Its well worth it, as an applied arts sort of school there are books on practically everything (with emphasis on practically) and that includes fashion.

I have decided to start a new weekly column to encourage myself to make this a more regular habit.  Beside that, to share with you some of my library finds.  Each week I will go to the library, take out two books – one useful, one amusing, and share with you a photo of one spread or perhaps a random excerpt with brief comments of my own.

Oh, and you can click the photos for “big”.

Fashion Illustrator by Bethan Morris.
Fashion Illustrator by Bethan Morris
I found this one by scanning the spines in the fashion illustration section for books I haven’t seen before and found this – a relatively new (2006) fashion illustration textbook.  This is one of the better new ones I have found, full of gorgeous colour illustrations by many artists and in many styles.  It has some basic tutorials by different artists on different techniques, as well as brief interviews with many different artists.  As a text it is more of a survey, giving a broad overview of history, technique, styles, and careers.

The best part – and I have not seen this before in an illustration text – is interviews with some clients including Promostyl.  Well worth clicking for big!
client interviews in Fashion Illustrator

Chic Savages by John Fairchild
Chic Savages by John Fairchild
This book reads like its from another century on another planet.  John Fairchild was born into the publishing business, inheriting Women’s Wear Daily and then launching his own “brainchild”, W, to feature the lifestyles, gossip and fashions of the rich and famous that fascinated him so much.  Enough to write a book about it.

WWD often features sketches from fashion designers and Fairchild cleverly includes some in this book.  I am a great fan of Ferre’s famous fast lines.
Chic Savages illustrations

It is too hard to pick one excerpt from this book.  Pretty much open any page and you’ll find something snooty, silly or splendid.  Randomly:

At the Ungaro show in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs panic sents in because the security is so tight.  And to make matters worse the Ungaro guards spot outside the door the best copyist in the world: Victor Costa, Texas manufacturer, who has copied from all the top Paris couturiers — particularly Lacroix and Ungaro — and almost overnight delivered their designs to the stores at very reasonable prices.  This time Costa is in dark glasses, leaning against the museum wall and swinging his satchel, which I am sure is full of design goodies from other shows that have already been facsimilied back to Texas, where busy Mexican hands are sewing up all of Paris.

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6 thoughts on “library finds – 16-07-09”

  1. I totally just finished reading the Fairchild book – it’s insane. I kept hoping he would talking about his publication…how he started it, stuff that happened there, but there are pages and pages of him talking about all the famous and/or rich people he knows. The introduction is by far the best part, at one point he calls fashion journalism and oxymoron.

  2. Godfrey Deeny has told me a couple of stories about Fairchild that had me grinning from ear-to-ear. I didn’t even know that book existed, so I have to get it. Thanks!

    Danielle, I don’t know if you’re into makeup books, but you should try to pick up “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin. The photo of Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake will make your jaw drop.

  3. Do they allow babies in libraries? I would love to come with you someday . . . all my fashion books are in boxes in my garage and I miss them!

  4. Geez, these are my favourite kinds of comments, I guess this is a good idea for a new column =)

    Adrienne – I’m sure if the baby is quiet it would be OK. Please do come downtown (whether in brown or not)

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