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Jen TseI was introduced to Jen Tse by Gail McInnes when I was looking for stylists to invite to the sponsored brunch at La Perlerie.  Jen is an intrepid young stylist who discovered her path by chance and has already developed an impressive portfolio of work.  I recently met her out of context (at a non-fashion event) and had a great conversation on the ups and downs of being up and coming in Toronto’s tiny fashion scene.  I asked her a few more questions for this post.

As a stylist, do you aim to be versatile or do you specialize? Do you have a signature style?

Well, I veer towards either styling minimalistic leather dirty rock and roll or girlish quirky prettiness with sweet ruffles bows, and checks but since I do work in a Canadian context I have to be versatile and adapt to whatever the clientele wants in a project.

What stylists or other fashion professionals do you admire either for their career or their body of work?

I really admire Ana Steiner‘s and Christopher Niquet‘s work- both have a simplistic raw aesthetic; it’s youthful and deliciously fun. I love the madcap insanity of Marc Jacobs right now, Gareth’s Pugh’s men line and Missoni is always lovely. Oh, I adore Miu Miu.

What are your favourite blogs, websites and magazines?

I regularly read the New York Times,,, facehunter and a whole slew of blogs about food. As for fashion magazines, I like i-D, Numero, British and Italian Vogue, Purple and Self Service magazine.

Are there any words of experience you would like to pass on to aspiring stylists?

Just keep on working at it and do as much research as possible. Assisting is really important and it is the relationships you form with the people around you that matters the most.

Describe your proudest career moment.

I can’t pin one down but I guess it would be having certain people whose work I respect tell me that they like what I’m doing and also, seeing the gradual payoffs of the hard work. It’s always nice to hear that a certain image looks awesome!

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