competition – Weavers Art


While I was at the IDS10 preview I learned about this call for entries sponsored by Weaver’s Art.  Finalists will have their designs prototyped and displayed at IDS10 and auctioned off for charity.  Plus –

Weavers Art reserves the right to produce additional rugs according to contractual arrangement between designers and Weavers Art specificying a negotiated fee or royalties as part of the ERA limited edition collection


Weavers Art and the Interior Design Show are calling registered interior designers, industrial and graphic designers, architects, and artists for rug design submissions to be considered for the Weavers Art new ERA collection. Twelve designs will be selected by a jury and produced as limited edition hand-woven rugs available through Weavers Art exclusively. These designs will be displayed in the exhibition “A New Era: Evolution of Rug Artistry,” presented by Weavers Art at the Interior Design Show, on January 21-24, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Note: I emailed and asked what “registered” means and was told the competition would be open to “employed design professionals”, without further explanation. I asked for a Terms & Conditions document and did not get a response to that request. All I can say is: do due diligence if you’re entering this to make sure you are not wasting your time.

UPDATE: FYI, apparently the competition is not open to students, and I’m still not sure that I understand what an “employed design professional” is.  Also, there are no terms and conditions other than what is on the site.

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