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My good friend Gail Mcinnes and her bestie Amanda Brugel launched their new venture, The Style Box, last week with a very intimate fashion show event and cocktail.  It was also the inaugural event for brand-new (and internet savvy) PR outfit Knot PR.  Of course all of these ladies are total pros with tons of experience, so for a first event it was impressive and assured.

The Style Box‘s mandate is to bring together entertainment and fashion folks in Toronto to create a more mutually supportive scene.  Buzz is the bottom line – and if a front row full of assorted media and accessorized muses is any indication, the Box delivers.

Here are a few of my “arty” (ok, unprofessional) photos… for some really stellar shots (including ones of me) check out the ones Raymund Galsim took for knot PR and the ones Paul Baik took for I want – I got.

Gail at The Style Box event
Getting a big welcome smile from Gail… she looks so saucy in her Fashion Crimes dress.

The Style Box founders introduce the show
Gail and Amanda informally (and a little giddily) introduce the fashion show.

model in Brazen Hussy dress at The Style Box show
A model strikes a contrived pose in a Brazen Hussy sequinned number.

The Style Box cupcakes by Cake or Death
Little black and white cupcakes by Cake or Death.  Beware the black ones if you’re smiling for the photographers later!

Anita being interviewed
Anita of I want – I got in a yellow Starkers! corset does a television interview.

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7 thoughts on “events – The Style Box opens up”

  1. Danielle, it was great meeting you at the cocktail party! I was one of the volunteers with crazy curly hair and I told you that I read your blog! I loved that you had on your Doc’s.

    And yes, those black cupcakes turned my mouth black although it was delicious.

  2. Ottawa really is getting there! I’m so excited now! We definately have the potential! We even have fashion shows and fashion shopping events here in Ottawa galore! It’s like were in the big apple lol! Like there’s this fashion runway/shopping event that i was just reading about and its happening this coming Novemeber (4-7th something like that)and its called “Fashion CURES a la mode” I read about it and now im obsessed i cant wait!!!!!Jason Myers from project runway canada is going to be showcasing his stuff too!!!!And for some reason i think it mentioned your friend Gail Mcinnes (the name rings a recent bell lol)!!And its going to be happening downtown at that big church on the corner of elgin and somerset, i have no idea what its called but i cant wait!!!

  3. hey i actually have heard about the fashion cures a la mode event!! I cant wait, ottawa is surely making me proud!finally!lol

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