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Holt Renfrew announces the winners of the Contemporary Correspondent search, conducted via flash application on Facebook.  I hope once the contemporary correspondents start corresponding Holt’s Contemporary will consider an HTML blog format because it is so much easier to share, subscribe and search and more sociable too.  I wish we had an archive of the entries to link to because the challenges were competitive and some entries were quite remarkable.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Toronto (August 18, 2009) Holt Renfrew, Canada’s leading specialty retailer, has just announced the three winners of the Contemporary Correspondent contest search: Montreal’s Julie Lafortune, Toronto’s Mackenzie Yeates and Vancouver’s Karolina Jez.

The winners were chosen by Holt Renfrew’s Facebook fans who, throughout a series of fashion-inspired challenges that began in June 2009 voted for their favourite finalists in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The finalists entered the contest by submitting a 200-word essay and a photo or video submission describing why they should be chosen the winner. Finalists were then narrowed down to two candidates in each of the three regions by a panel of Holt Renfrew judges. Each regional winner has received a prize of a $1,000 Holt Renfrew Gift Card and a SONY VAIO ® Notebook as well as the opportunity to be Holt Renfrew’s official Contemporary Correspondent on beginning mid-September 2009.

“Fashion is all about being fresh, new and exciting”, says Toronto’s correspondent winner Mackenzie Yeates. ”It’s about lifestyle and character. I want to give readers a special look into the contemporary world at Holt Renfrew.”

I can’t comment on the Montreal winner because I am so Anglo and their entries were en Francais. In Toronto, Ryerson Fashion Communications student Mackenzie was a total natural for the job – almost every entry she made throughout the competition captured the exact essence you get when you get off the escalator on the second floor of the Bloor Street store and hang a left. She was bound to win on merit. The Vancouver competition was tighter and I suspect more popularity based – alas, my favourite mohawk sporting indie-scene contender Shallom (of Style Finds) didn’t win.

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