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A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the sponsors who support Final Fashion.  All of my sponsors are intrepid entrepreneurs with a lot of personality, and I encourage you to check out what they are doing and making.  Just click on their badges in the far right sidebar to get it straight from the source.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch!

Sian from Fresh Collective says…

We’ve put our own twist on menswear for fall with this adorable pinstripe babydoll dress. With a full skirt and empire waist, there’s hardly anything “manly” about it and that’s why we love it! The subtle grey pinstripe pattern is perfect for the office when worn with a blazer and tight,s and then layer on some chunky necklaces and toss on a pair of sky-high heels and you’re ready for a night on the town! And for those of you who love plaids and tweeds, we’ve got them as well! Be sure to stop by Fresh Collective to see more fabulous fall merchandise from Fresh Baked Goods.

pinstripe baby doll

Michelle from Shopgirls says…

Shopgirls‘ Signature Yoga Jeans – same amazing fit, new look! Only 300 pairs produced exclusively for Shopgirls. With traditional gold stitching and the Shopgirls asterisk embroidered on the back pocket, these are the hottest new addition to the Yoga Jean collection. $110.

Signature Yoga Jean image

Crystal from Fashion Crimes says…

The artist featured in Fashion Crimes’ window during Nuit Blanche/“Out of Sight” on the night of Oct. 3, is Kathryn Walter, her exhibit is as follows:

Kathryn Walter – a tribute to the garment workers and independent designers that Queen West has been defined by, Walter’s performance centers on a sewing machine she has designed to power a film projector. Working from a store window, she will sew felt “remnants” or scraps. The faster she sews, the clearer the film projection behind her will be. The notion of remnants and the image of the Victorian-looking industrial buildings in the projection suggest an era of fine craft and hard work by individuals predating imported, mass-produced clothing.


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