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As you can probably tell from the gap in posts, I had a busy week.  But I was glad to be able to take a break and check out Bergstrom‘s Fall 2009 collection on Wednesday night.  I’ve known the designer Christina Bergstrom since I was a fashion student, and she rarely (if ever?) does fashion shows.  This show – more for the benefit of Christina’s loyal clients than the media, who are currently swamped with TIFF events – was presented at Rouge Concept Gallery.  Somehow a small space made for a long, meandering runway and the art on the walls made for an interesting backdrop.
Bergstrom One

The fashions are inspired by Bergstrom’s Swedish background (what is it with Sweden?).  They all evoked what I would describe as “photos of your hot Swedish mom in the seventies” and the music, the poses and the enthusiastic models played it up with smiles and even the odd Charlie’s Angels pose.  There is a few more photos from the evening below the fold.

My guest for the evening was Renaz, a 15 year old illustrator who was interested in learning a bit more about what I do.  It was her first ever fashion show!  I tested out her skills by getting her do sketch the models as they walked past.
me and Renaz

The models were great, full of personality and so pretty.  The clothes were true to Christina’s style – she loves colours and prints.
Bergstrom two

Bergstrom three

Christina’s style is always very “mod”, and this season many of the looks are looser and less structured – a little boho disco, maybe?
Bergstrom four

Thank you Christina for inviting me and Renaz to your show!
designer Christina Bergstrom

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