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Anita and I went to see the “Ford Models Super Model of the World Canada Finale” – quite a mouthful, and we were not really sure what to expect.  When I got there, we discovered it was a live television show taping.  Live TV in person is both tense and boring in a strange way, I haven’t ever been in the audience of a live TV show before so it was an interesting experience.

Dina Pugliese hosts
Charismatic Dina Pugliese was the host of the show.  She seemed remarkably comfortable and easy-going in front of a crowd, wearing a tight dress and tight shoes.  There was also a live performance by Lights upstairs, which I couldn’t really see – but the music was nice.

models being judges in jeans
The models walked in three vignettes wearing clothes from Diesel, hair by Redken and makeup by Maybelline.  This show was less like a reality show than it was a big commercial for the sponsors – but I guess its working because I remember all of the sponsor’s names.

Brad Koenig walks
Super-male model and Lagerfeld favourite Brad Koenig was in the show, so I took this terrible picture of him.  He is an extremely handsome man.

baby only slightly younger than models
This baby was definitely the cutest person in the front row… and only slightly younger than the models.

models wait to find out who won
The models were certainly very lovely and very very young (the girl on the left is only 13 years old) – considering that they were selected from many models across Canada, I was surprised not to see some more diversity in the finalists.  Not only were they all white, they all pretty much had the same interests, favourite foods, taste in music, and on the runway it was difficult to identify them from one another, especially the twins.  The judges said they were looking for personality – something I had a hard time picking out from the runway show alone.

the winning model
The winner is a stunning girl nonetheless, wishing her the best at the world finals.

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  1. I agree – not all that diverse, not all that interesting. It will be interesting to see if the winner actually appears in anything though.

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