preview – Filippa K SS10

Last Friday, that is, not yesterday but a week before yesterday, I went to the Filippa K showroom to preview the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I asked if I could bring along my friend Anita, who is more into shopping than I am.  Neither of us were very familiar with the brand.
me at Filippa K

Filippa K is a Swedish brand and their sales rep, Emma, is Swedish too.  She’s very friendly with a terrific smile, and it was interesting chat with her about the clothes and the designer. It was a bit less interesting to sit and watch a very slow, tranquil video with no clothes at all and Filippa K the designer talking about the brand.
Emma at Filippa K

The lookbook for SS10 included illustrations!  Its always a treat to see a designer’s sketches, these ones are lovely, understated watercolours.  Click for big.
illustrations by Filippa K

We got to try things on and chat with other bloggers (including stylist Tricia Campbell).  This jacket that Anita is wearing is incredibly light and unstructured while still looking crisp and tailored.
Anita at Filippa K

Filippa K’s family background was in denim – her parents ran a denim label that was ubiquitous in Sweden in the seventies and eighties – and the clothes have really sophisticated casual feel.  Most of the fabrics feel lovely, and the colours – saturated reds and blues appealed to my taste (as did the Swedish meatballs).  It is interesting how a sense of “Swedishness” came through all of the designs in a very subtle way, without any overt references to anything literal.  That is a trick that I would like to see more Canadian designers master.

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