library finds – 03-09-09


For Library Finds, I take a few books out of the library and share with you photo of a page or two or perhaps a random excerpt with brief comments of my own.

Fashion Victims: The Catty Catalogue Of Stylish Casualties, From A to Z by Michael Roberts.
Fashion Victims
I love this book. It is painstakingly cut paper collage fashion cartoons, with a clever impish quality reflected in the ryhming poems that go with them.

Fashion Victim - H is for Heels
This title plate I found particularly amusing.  Guess WHO?

Fashion Victims - Heels poem
The illustrations are amazing, amusing, je t’aime.

The Fashion World, it’s often said,
Has wasted space inside its head.
And when it comes to introspection
Prefers a mirror for reflection.

Scenes from the Fashionable World by Kennedy Fraser.

Scenes from the Fashionable World

So far I’ve only read the first chapter of this book, a series of essays on the fashionable social scenes for The New Yorker from the early eighties.  Reading the accounts of a social scene in the distant past makes me really question how fleeting the relevance is of most social scenes – they’re really only important at the time they happen, to the people they happen to, and even the accounts of very active and privileged social lives can seem terrifically mundane.  The remarkable thing about the book (so far, I am part way through) is the reassurance that all the social preoccupations have all been done before and it doesn’t really matter for very long anyway.

Thankfully, the later, longer chapters seem to get more lively and fashiony.  Looking forward to long profiles on Issey Miyake in his early days and Estee Lauder in her later days.

Loving the bit on Norma Kamali…

Norma Kamali is the first fashion designer of recent times to have achieved an international reputation without giving a single fashion show.  The presentation in the Space at the Hanae Mori Building was to be her first…

The video image of Norma Kamali blossomed once again all over the space.  “Spare me,” the real Norma Kamali said, with a groan.

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