event – The Style Box Gemini preview

Last night I got to watch The Style Box‘s preview of the fashions we’ll see on the stage and red carpet of the Gemini Awards.  All of the models were Canadian actors, actresses, nominees and presenters, and they all looked very glamourous in Canadian fashions.
old hollywood glamour at The Style Box Gemeni preview
See a couple more photos below the fold.

One thing about actors is they sure know how to ham it up on the runway – it was a fun show to watch!  And it was very difficult to capture a photo in focus!  The men looked very handsome in unusual fabrics and trim cuts.
velvet jacket at The Style Box Gemeni preview

Kristin Booth opened and closed the show in over-the-top backless dresses.
Kristin Booth opens The Style Box Gemeni preview

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6 thoughts on “event – The Style Box Gemini preview”

  1. Hi Nadia… just checked the line sheet, this is Amy Lalonde who is nominated for Billable Hours… she is wearing a Sodaliscious gown, shawl by Paula Lishman and jewelry by Mizdragonfly. I don’t know who did her hair but it looks great.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. Who designed these? The painter in me is drawn to the classic retro. I’m thinking of doing a series of portraits celebrating great design, but have to consider copyright issues (which i’m not sure there would be in terms of a single portrait painting). Please, let me know of any designers that you’d suggest. Of course budget is an issue… I may be left with vintage or emerging designers as my option.

    Image copyright seems to be a much bigger deal in Europe than the states and I’m not sure where Canada falls. (I think Coco Chanel’s designs are protected for 80 years after her death.) I’m not sure how that would apply to a client wearing a vintage Chanel piece in a portrait, and haven’t been able to find much feedback here.

    I’m thinking of doing a few portfolio pieces while I begin work in a new medium, and may approach designers down the road. I’m pretty busy with another series of paintings till then, but thinking ahead while I collect clothing for portraits.

    I bought one satin dress from blue fly because it reminded me of a Joshua Reynolds painting, and it was the last one available. Hopefully copyright is not too big of an issue. I have to look into this more.

    cheers, jp

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