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Heads up, fans of Sunny Fong, winner of Project Runway Canada season two.  Sunny is offering free general admission to his much-anticipated VAWK Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show. VAWK tweeted:

VAWK invite

If anyone can draw a crowd its Sunny, so if you want to get inside, I suggest showing up much earlier than 4pm to avoid disappointment.  Doors will open at 3:30.  It is very unusual for a fashion show to be free to the public like this.  So, very exciting.

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5 thoughts on “invitation – VAWK SS10”

  1. Though I can’t wait for the showing, I’m still surprised as to why Sunny still insist to design under the VAWK line. He really needs to drop it and use his name or something else. For his designs and the rate they’re going for, VAWK is too “street” of a name…

  2. I don’t mind the Vawk name, although I’ll always associate it with a failed venture. I hope that he’s learned from his mistakes, anyway. He’s got the skills that should pay the bills.

    The show sounds like a lot of fun. This is why I exercise like crazy, so that I can muscle my way to the front row at events like this. Take that all you fashionably-thin people.

  3. Hey went to the show last nite! It was petty great! This is my second time seeing Sunny’s designs (the first was the White Cashmere Collection) I think this is just the beginning for him. P.S I also think he should name the collection after himself.

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