just a thought – 10 ways to go to fashion week


There are a number of ways to get into any fashion week, and in particular I’ve got a few tips for ways to attend fashion week in Toronto.  For those who want to go, try one of these, which I have sort of listed roughly in order of how cool they are.

  1. Get invited. The designers all get a certain amounts of invitations to give out and if you already know someone they might want to invite you.  Or maybe a friend is going and they have a plus-one.  You are more likely to get invited if you actually have the business to be there.
  2. Work it. Be a designer or a model or a makeup artist or a volunteer co-ordinator or a publicist or a sponsor or an industry member in some capacity.
  3. Buy a press pass. Write for a newspaper, have a TV show, work for a magazine and your employer will buy it for you.  If not, do you have a website?  If not, volunteer or get yourself hired to write for another website or publication.  Then, when you get in, work it.  Its getting competitive in the media room ever since they started posting press on the wall throughout the week.
  4. Be famous. Have your people arrange it.
  5. Win a ticket. Google around. A lot of sponsors, presenters, media outlets and bloggers will get passes to give out in contests, designed to get the word out.  Often they get a lot less contest entries than you’d think, so its always worth dropping in an entry.
  6. Volunteer. Either for the FDCC or for one of the designers.  Putting on a fashion week is a lot of work so its not very hard to find someone who would be grateful for a little help.
  7. Get invited on facebook. Friend request all your favourite designers.  They will often send invites out to their friends/fans.  Remember to read the invitation details carefully because just RSVP’ing on facebook usually doesn’t get your name on the guestlist.  You need to RSVP by email.
  8. Buy a ticket. The FDCC sells them in Toronto.  Even NYC sells consumer tickets through sponsor American Express.
  9. Request an invitation. This year I’ve heard even more seats were added to the runway, which means that the daytime shows that tend to struggle to fill a house will have an even harder time filling it this season.  Simply email and ask, and if a designer happens to have room on the RSVP list they’ll add you.  This usually won’t work for popular shows.
  10. Sneak in. I’m not telling you how to do this, and we’re not supposed to admit we’ve done it, but it is kind of a fashion kid rite of passage.
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4 thoughts on “just a thought – 10 ways to go to fashion week”

  1. I would looooove to go to TOFW, if I thought I wouldn’t stand out like an akward sore thumb. I’ve never been to anything like that and would have no clue how to behave or what to say to people.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Jaka, you won’t be the only awkward clueless person at Fashion Week. Everyone’s a first-timer once 😉

  3. Hehe, I am always awkward and clueless! FW is quite the experience… the first time I went I sort of just sat on the outskirts and people watched – it was very entertaining :o)

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