paper doll – Brazen Hussy SS10

Brazen Hussy
I went to the Brazen Hussy show after Philip Sparks and it couldn’t have been a more different scene, with only several familiar faces.  The clothing was very tight, very short, very bright, and sometimes a bit ridiculous – which actually is a lot of fun to draw.  One of the best things about it is how unabashedly… brazen it is.  These designers are honest and have a sense of humour about it.  One of the models had a cast on her hand, and she is the one I chose to create a doll out of.

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5 thoughts on “paper doll – Brazen Hussy SS10”

  1. This is the cutest thing EVER!

    Adrianne (the model with the cast) hurt herself mountain biking but she’s so beautiful we said “eff it…do it anyway…people will remember you”.

    And voila…she is now a paper doll. (as well as a real life doll)

    Thank you for coming to the show!

    xo- Michele (1/2 of Brazen Hussy)

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